Assignment 3: HCD Plan for a Project with initial Scenario Development

Due: Sunday, 9 October 2022, 11:59 PM
Familiarise yourself with the scenario-based UX design method by reading chapter 3 in Benyon’s coursebook or the article Scenario-Based Design by Rosson & Carroll in chapter 48 in Julie Jacko’s Human Computer Interaction Handbook : Fundamentals, Evolving Technologies, and Emerging Applications, Third Edition (e-version of the book is available in Proquest via Aalto library
Choose a suitable application (or use the application that you have chosen earlier) from your everyday surroundings for elaboration with human-centred / scenario-based design. Consider yourself as a developer wishing to create a new application for the chosen problem (define and present the problem, too).
Your main task is to create and present a plan of the human-centred activities that would contribute to a high-quality process for this development project. Identify and report applicable human-centred design activities for the project including arguments on why you consider them applicable and fitting for the project. In addition to the documented plan, take the first steps towards design work and describe the human- centred / scenario-based design method in a nutshell and how you have applied
 it in the design of your case application. Present the conceptual and concrete scenarios of your application with personas included. Do not forget to include the references of the literature and other material that you use in your report.