Assignment 1: Optimal flight with glider

About the assignment

The overall goal of the assignment is to learn the modelling of a dynamic system as well as simulate and optimize the behavior of the dynamic system using the model constructed. In the assignment, the dynamic system under consideration is a glider. The goal is to find the optimal controls of the glider that lead to the maximisation of flight distance in windless and thermal conditions. The dynamic optimization problem is solved numerically by converting it into a nonlinear optimization problem that is solved with Sequential Quadratic Programming (SQP). Matlab and its Optimization Toolbox are used in the assignment. The assignment can be completed with any Matlab which has the Optimization Toolbox installed. All Aalto's computers in public use should fulfil these requirements.

Supplementary material

The supplementary material can be downloaded here.

Instructions and Matlab-files

The assignment instructions are given in this folder, both in Finnish and in English.

Matlab-files needed to complete the assignment are given here.