Assignment 2: Control of thermal power plant

About the assignment

The goal of the assignment is to stabilize and control a large-scale system. In the assignment the steam production of a thermal power plant is stabilized with PID and state feedback controllers to meet the steam consumption needs of the power plant. The system is modeled using the Simulink modeling environment.

Supplementary material

The supplementary material can be downloaded here

Additionally the textbook Feedback Systems, Åström K.J. & Murray R.M., Princton University Press, 2008 can be found here.

Instructions and Matlab/Simulink files

Voima.mdl is a Simulink-model in which the thermal power plant has been modeled. The Simulink-model can be opened and edited with Simulink, which can be opened from Matlab with the command simulink. The script param.m is an ordinary Matlab-script, which sets all necessary parameter values needed by the thermal power plant Simulink-model.