Day 1: IDBM Industry Project Team Building 24.11.2016

Day 1: IDBM Industry Project Team Building

Date: 24.11.2016 time: 9-16
Place: Aalto BIZ AE 341 (Arcadia)
Facilitators: Anna-Mari Saari, Ilona Törmikoski and Theresa Berg

Please be present little bit earlier that we can start exact 9:00!

9.00–9.30 Welcoming Anna-Mari Saari and Ilona Törmikoski
- Generals about the course - important info!
- Teams (11 teams for the projects)
- About team building process

9.30–12.00 Team Building, Theresa Berg
- Personal Goals (Individual task 1, useful for Individual Reflection I paper)
- Behavior Groups
- Skills Mapping (Individual task 2)
- Individual Roles & Cross-team discussion (Team task 1: and canvas)

12.00–13.00 Lunch

13:00–15:00 Team Building Continues, Theresa Berg
- Team Format introduction and Group discussion, Cross-team discussion
- Advice for the Team Format Building
- Questions and Answers

15:00-16:00 Kick-Off Day - be prepared for it!, Ilona Törmikoski
- Meeting the client, roles in the meeting
- Common mistakes in the meeting (group discussion)
- Guideline 1: About the Organization (useful for the Project Plan)
- Guideline 2: About the Project (useful for the Project Plan)