Day 2: IDBM Industry Project Bootcamp Kick-off Day 29.11.2016

IDBM Industry Project Bootcamp Kick-off Day
Date: 29.11.2016 Time: 13-17
Place: Aalto Design Factory Stage, Otaniemi
Facilitators:  Anna-Mari Saari, Ilona Törmikoski

Please be present little bit earlier than 13.

13.00–13.30 Coffee & Welcome, IDBM Programme Director, Professor Markku Salimäki

Introduction, Anna-Mari Saari & Ilona Törmikoski
- Generals about the course
- Scheduling of the bootcamp

13.30–14.45 Partner presentations
- 5 minutes per company on the stage / project

14.45–15.00 Teams

-> Dividing to Industry Project Team spaces

Take the coffee with you and go with your team to appointed space.

15.00-17.00 Project Discussions
- Note! Use the Guidelines delivered in the team building day
- Guideline 1: About the Organization (useful for the Project Plan, doc)
- Guideline 2: About the Project (useful for the Plan, doc)

Reserve some extra time if the company representative can be longer with.
When the briefing ends, come to Ilona and Anna-Mari and tell how you proceed.

Next day, will start 9.00 sharp, Aalto BIZ 341 (same as Team Building day)