Day 5: IDBM Industry Project Interim presentations I, 9.12.2016

IDBM Industry Project Interim presentations I
Time: Fri 9.12.2016 time: 9.00–13.00
Place: Aalto Design Factory stage, Betonimiehenkuja 5, Espoo

9:00–9:05 Welcome and introduction

9:05–10:00 IDBM Industry Projects - Visualized Project Plans, 11 x 5 minutes
-  team by team 5 minutes on stage per team
Idea: Each project team will shortly present visualized project plan to the audience.
Note! The teams with NDA can concentrate on process and tools to be used.

10:00–11:00 IDBM Industry Project World Café
For the further development of the project plans we organize team tables with team hosts.
Each team will bring the visualized project plan and any other relevant material
to their table and prepare three questions or key points they would like to discuss
on their table regarding the project.
From each team 1–2 persons will stay on their table as hosts and others will move
to the table next to them. Similar change (listen to the sound mark) of table will be done
after every 15-20 minutes, and the hosts will remain the same. 
During 15-20 minutes discussions the host team should address each preselected
questions/ topics to be discussed (one at the time).
Important! The hosts make notes of the discussions that will be later shared with rest of the team.
The project supervisors can move freely between tables, f ex. stay with their own team’s table
first and then participate to the discussions on the other teams’ tables.

11:15 Wrap-up
All team members gather back to their own table and the hosts will share the discussions related to the topics.
The rest of the team can comment and provide insights from the discussions they had in the other tables to support the project work.
The team will confirm the next steps done.

About 12:00 Ending of the event