Lecture 6, March 8, 2017

Extended Kalman Filter SLAM (EKF SLAM)

A  video  haehnel-RawOdometry-anim.avi demonstrates mapping with raw odometry localization  - Just mapping, not SLAM. I odometry errors accumulate quickly too large.

A video haehnel-ScanMatching-anim.avi demonstrates  first real SLAM, localization on the basis of laser scan matching, only one estimate for pose, Mapping works

file slam.pdf, EKF SLAM video can be run  in the slam 2017.ppt -slide set

Particle filter and  Fast SLAM

Particle filters are introduced in particle-filters 2017.pdf and .ppt.

Fast SLAM: You can run videos in the fast SLAM 2017.ppt -slide set. pdf available, too.

Some Fast SLAM videos added as separate files.

bruceton-one-loop.avi ; fastslam-dmb-fastslam.avi ; haehnel-ScanMatchingFastSLAM-Seattle-anim-2.avi