Week 2: Reading material

Access here the downloadable articles that were mentioned in the lectures.

In addition, these sources are books that you can find from library:

  • Benyon: Designing interactive systems (online version accessible via this link)
  • Gibson, J. J. (1979). The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception. New York, NY: Houghton Mifflin. 
  • Norman, D. A. (1988). The Psychology of Everyday Things. New York, NY: Basic Books. 
  • Shneiderman (1988). Designing the user interface.
  • Shneiderman (1980). Software Psychology.
  • Ritter, F. E., Baxter, G. E., & Churchill, E. F. (2014). Foundations for Designing User-Centered Systems: What System Designers Need to Know about People. London, UK: Springer. Downloadable from Aalto Library in PDF.