Week 1: Readings and other resources

Each week's readings and other resources, like lecture slides and possible extra links to online material, will be available in its own folder at least a week before each session.

For full references to the readings, please consult the syllabus provided at the start of the course. Below is the list for the 1st week, and under that, the pdf-files of the readings.

READING (Read these BEFORE the session):

Etienne & Beverly Wenger-Trayner (2015) 'Communities of practice, a brief introduction': http://wenger-trayner.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/07-Brief-introduction-to-communities-of-practice.pdf

Grove, R. (1992) ‘Origins of Western Environmentalism’, Scientific American, Vol.267 n.1 p.42-47.


SUPPLEMENTARY READING (that you need not read, but may well find interesting and useful, particularly if you have not come across them before)

Funtowicz, S., and J. Ravetz (2003) "Post-normal science. Internet Encyclopaedia of Ecological Economics." International Society of Ecological Economics (ISEE). http://www.isecoeco.org/pdf/pstnormsc.pdf

Hardin, G (1968) ‘The Tragedy of the Commons’, Science, New Series, Vol. 162, No. 3859: 1243-1248.