Civil Servant 2.0: Future work of civil servants

Two student teams addressed the "Civil Servant 2.0: Future work of civil servants" brief commissioned by the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Prime Minister's Office, and Ministry of Transport and Communications.

  • “Better Together: Civil servants and the future” project by Yuri Fukamati, Vilma Hämäläinen, Brad Mullen, Emilija Veselova, and Chinny Wong
  • “Kyky: New competencies for civil servants” project by Laura Domingo, Eeva Lehto, Maya Pillai, and Yiding Zhang

Videos of their final projects presentations and Q&As are available here:

Below are links to their final project documentation! If you use any of the student materials, please attribute the source along these general lines: "Opiskelijoiden luomaa materiaalia käytettäessä tekijät ja lähde tulee mainita hyvän tavan mukaisesti: Student names, Design for Government at Aalto-yliopisto”.