Exercise 1.4 - Relativistic momentum of electrons

The content of the work

The aim of this work is to investigate whether the energy-receiving electrons in Compton scattering are classical or relativistic particles. In Compton scattering, the gamma quantum interacts with the free electron. In this work, different radioactive isotopes are used as a source of different energy gammas. The measuring equipment consists of a scintillation detector and a digital pulse analyzer.


Book this exercise here. Reservation is open until 31.1.2021. Maximum number of students accepted to this exercise is 15. You need to request for the model data from the assistant by the end of January (at that time the model data will be automatically sent to those participants who had not yet asked for it).

The first version of the report must be returned to the exercise assistant electronically no later than three weeks after the model data has been received . The writing time for the second revised version, in turn, is two weeks, calculated from the assistant's invitation to the feedback session.

The reports will be returned to the assistant by email. Reports written only in English will be accepted.

Material and measurements

Read carefully job-based material (theory and work instructions), where more References can be found. Also read carefully "Completing the course" and "Report writing instructions". Video demonstrations are common for the exercises 1.3 and 1.4. They can be found under the instructions for the exercise 1.3.

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