Lecture 1 March 2, 2021: Course introduction and arrangements. Introduction to mobile robots

1st Zoom Lecture March 2, 2021. Time  14:15 -16:00

Course introduction and arrangements
What do you expect to learn from the course?

• Understand the main challenges in mobile robotics
• Understand what are mobile robots made of
– Sub-systems (perception, mobility, navigation, planning, power, …)
– Basic approaches and terminology for each sub-system
– Methodology and algorithms in mobile robotics
• Learn the characteristics in three applications areas
1. Indoor mobile service robot
2. Field Robot: Outdoor semiautonomous vehicle / heavy duty machine UGV
3. Autonomous vehicle, basics
• Not processing, manipulation and grasping

Teaching: Lectures, Team work: Design of a case robot system, Indv.: Testing algorithms under ROS on Pioneer robot platform

Lectures (estimate)
Nro topics
1 Course introduction and arrangements, Introduction to mobile robots
2 Robot control system architecture , Reactive robotics  
3 Team work: Design of a case robot system
Individual project: Testing algorithms under ROS/ Pioneer
Introduction to ROS
Locomotion, Kinematics, and Low level Motion Control
4 Sensing and perception, overview.
- Kalman-filter based traditional vehicle localization
5 SLAM = Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, Extended Kalman Filter SLAM (EKF SLAM)
6 Particle filter and Fast SLAM
7 Graph SLAM
8 Satellite Positioning - GNSS technologies
9 Pose Estimation, Inertial Navigation Systems (INS), Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
10 Visual localization and object recognition
11 Graph based Path and Motion Planning, Indoor A*. Path and Motion Planning, Outdoor D*
12 Outdoor Path and Motion Planning Motion Control

Introduction to mobile robots

• What is a service robot? Field Robot?
• Which kinds of service and field robots exist?
– Examples
• Mobile robot subsystems
• Control architectures
• More on Field robotics
• Autonomous vehicles