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Sustainable Design Activism

by Elena Comincioli - Monday, 11 February 2019, 8:21 PM

Petra Hroch wrote the last chapter of the book "Deleuze and Design" that I'm reading. She says that sustainable design activism works "[...] by re-conceptualising, re-organising and deterritorialising flows of fruit, people, private property and profit, experiment with the reconfiguration of a system of deeply enmeshed social, environmental as well as economic ‘problems’ into a rich web of opportunities for the flourishing of different, more equitable, and perhaps even surprisingly fun, connections." 

From p. 232 to p.238 there are a lot of case studies. 


Marenko, B., & Brassett, J. (2015). Deleuze and Design. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

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