Passing the course and grading

Course Overview

This course is a self-study web-based course on the basics of software engineering.

What to do, how to pass and other practicalities are discussed in module 1, which will be available on September 12th, 2016 at 08:15 am.

When planning your semester, please note that the course requires ca 8-10h/week of continuous effort. Also note that

  • there are no physical lectures - you are required to reserve time for the course by yourself. Lectures are given as videos that are published weekly
  • there is no exam -- you can only pass the course by doing the required work for the modules
  • the course follows a fixed weekly schedule with assignments due each week
  • all deadlines are firm -- if you miss one the only way to get additional points is by doing the extra modules (see below).


There are 11 content modules in the course, as shown in the course schedule (modules 2-12)

For these, points are awarded according to the following:

  • Quiz: 4p
  • Written assignment (typically an essay, but can also be e.g. a modeling task): 6p
    • Max 4p for doing your assignment, based upon peer grading
    • Max 2p for peer grading of other students' assignments.
    • You must both write an own essay as well as grade other students' essays to be awarded points for the essay activity
      • if you only do a written assignment but do not grade other student's assignments, your score will be 0
      • if you do not submit any written assignment for a module, you will not be given any written assignments to grade, and your score will be 0. This also applies if you submit an empty essay or any other attempt at circumventing this rule.

This gives a max of 11 x 10 = 110 points for the content modules.

In addition, there are two non-content modules that give

  • 5 points for the introductory module
  • 5 points for the course feedback module

Thus, the theoretical max points for the course are:

Content modules: 110 p

Optional modules: 10 p

Total: 120 points

Grades are determined according to the following table:

Grading Table















Extra Modules 

I you do not get enough points to pass the course, or otherwise want to improve your grade, the course offers two optional modules after the normal ones. You can use these modules as a whole or partly to replace assignments in one content module of your choice per extra module. Since there are two optional modules, you can substitute scores for max two normal modules. 

The score replacement is based upon your indication of which module you want to substitute scores for. The substitution rule is simple: the higher score becomes your final score, i.e. if your score for an assignment in this module is lower than in your selected content module, no substitution will take place. Thus, you cannot lower your score by doing the optional modules.

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