Assigned topics

Student Topic
Ahmed, Ashiq
KK1: Survey of Energy estimation/modeling techniques for Servers
Borek, Martin SM2: Autonomous and Collaborative Systems Security
Do, Tuan KH1: Cloud datastores and distributed transaction support
Gopinath Nirmala, Rakesh SS1: Blockchain as a distributed database for edge-supported IoT
Gröndahl, Tommi MJ1: Stylometry in information security
Hirvola, Mikko
HH1: Zero-effort authentication in an industrial control room
Hägglund, Sten JN1: Prescriptive analytics on big data graph platforms
Khan, Muhammad KH3: Eventual consistency in NoSQL databases
Krawiecka, Klaudia SM1: Security analysis of Bluetooth beacon technology for contextual information sharing
Kumar, Manoj TB1: Data encryption in Android and iOs phones
Li, Jiaying MS1: Mobile food journaling
Manoj, Sai (Katta Rokkaiah) PK1: IoT Crowdsensing: Leveraging cellular, opportunistic, or short-range communication networks?
Oinonen, Tommi JD1: Methods and applications for building panoramic views
Palonen, Markus MN1: Real time image feature extraction
Pöyry, Jarkko MS3: Mobile video quality assessment
Pöyry, Pekka HI1: Mapping HTTP and CoAP over an Information Centric Network
Riekkinen, Markku  KH2: The Apache Kudu NoSQL Database
Riittinen, Tapani TK1: Delay-sensitive mobile video applications
Savolainen, Tuomas AY1: 3D for location and navigation services – technology review
Seppälä, Atte TKO1: Automatic differentiation for legacy software
Suhonen, Juhana MS2: Personal data management systems
Suomalainen, Verneri PP3: Dynamic Malware Analysis
Tanskanen, Sakari GP1: Virtualization technologies on IoT devices
Teodor, Patraş JN2: Containers and virtualization in computing environments
Trubert, Benjamin PP2: Security and Privacy Issues in Fog Computing
Vazquez, Nadin LN1: Privacy in Egocentric Videos
Vilja, Patrik  VL1: Energy usage analysis with machine learning
Vilja, Peter GP2: Activity detection using sensor data
Villa de Brito, Tiago Neto Afonso AY2: 3D for location and navigation services – business review
Viquez Zamora, Jose PP1: Security and Privacy in Implantable Medical Devices

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