Helpful links and sources for writing

1. For detailed explanations and some online exercises, the Academic Writing in English (AWE) general site:

Pages on punctuation:

2. Another useful site with writing tips from Purdue University: or an interesting online book written for Korean students:

3. One of the most used and widely cited books in academic writing is: J. M. Swales & C. B. Feak (2012) Academic Wriitng for Graduate Students. Third edition: Essential Tasks and Skills. University of Michigan Press.  An older edition of the book (1994) is available at

3. Another highly recommended book more on style in general: J. M. Williams & G.C. Colomb (2010). Style. Lessons in clarity and grace. Tenth edition. Pearson Education. An older edition (1990) of the book is available at

4. For academic vocabulary and phrases:

5. Editing for content, coherence and cohesion:

The Writing Clinic has also compiled a list of recommended sites, a few are found above, but you'll also find lots of new sites and books that might help.

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