Integrated English support module

Students of CS-E4000 can simultaneously participate in an integrated English course worth 3 ECTS credits. The English course has the same timeline and deadlines as those of CS-E4000, and its purpose is to provide support for the writing process and to improve presentation skills. The English course also fulfills the university regulation on foreign language studies for oral and written skills. For more information, refer to the relevant MyCourses workspace of the LC-1310 course (Academic Communication for MSc Students).


In addition to the CS-E4000 course, you have to register for the Fall 2016 edition of the LC-1310 course. Make sure that you select the H03 exercise group taught by Jan-Mikael Rybicki.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to take the integrated English course?

No, participation in the integrated English course is entirely voluntary, thus not mandatory. However, it is highly recommended unless you have already attended the LC-1310 (or equivalent) course or English is your mother tongue.

So how does it work?

In practice you are taking two courses at the same time, i.e., both CS-E4000 and LC-1310. You will have to fulfill the requirements for each of the courses but the material submitted for evaluation will be the same.

Does it mean I have to do more work if I decide to take the integrated English course?

The overall effort is reflected by the total number of credits that can be obtained in total: 5 for CS-E4000 and 3 for LC-1310. We believe that the combined effort is actually less demanding than taking the two courses in different semesters, as their content is aligned and their deadlines are synchronized.

What about grading?

You will get one grade for each of the courses (if successfully completed), namely, one for CS-E4000 and one for LC-1310. The grades are given according to the criteria of the individual courses and may differ from each other.

I am an international student and I need credits in language studies. Can I use the integrated English course for these?

Yes, the integrated English course fulfills the university regulation on foreign language studies for oral and written skills.

I cannot (or I do not want to) attend the English course but I still need help with writing. What can I do? 

You should consider the writing clinic service offered by the Aalto language center. You may ask your tutor to comment on your English too, but remember that he (or she) is not obliged to provide any language-related feedback, especially if you are not taking the integrated English course.

Last modified: Tuesday, 6 September 2016, 5:16 PM