Peer-Review Rebuttal

Peer-Review Rebuttal Instructions


a process to enable corrective measures to potential error in the peer-reviews by your course colleagues.


Send Mika ( an email with the following contents by Thursday 10.11.2016 12:00 (noon).

Subject: CS-E4900 Peer-Review Rebuttal
Include in the email:
-Your essay as a PDF.
-The Peer-Review that you want to contradict (given points and verbal feed back).
-Your arguments why the reviewer has given you too few (or too many) points.
-A good rebuttal provides arguments to support a higher score, but does not rely on sentences like
"the other reviewer gave me this many points".

Assessing an essay is somewhat subjective task so variances of several point are within reason.

You may also come in to argue your case face-to-face on Friday 11.11.2016 10:10-11:30. This is optional.
Use the included Doodle link ( to reserve a 10min time slot for your discussion where you will present your case.

Bring with you a printed copy of your essay.


Email and F2F meeting reservation (optional) by Thursday 10.11.2016 12:00 noon. Meetings on Friday 11.11.2016. If all slots are taken email mika to announce more dates for next Monday.

The final results of the rebuttal process will be announced on Monday 14.11.2016.
All decisions are final.

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