Instructions for Installing Matlab, Simulink, and C Compiler

Matlab and Simulink

Matlab and Simulink will be used in the homework assignments of this course. You can install this software to your own computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) using a Matlab TAH campus license. Installation on a laptop is preferred (if you have one), since you can then bring your own laptop to the instruction sessions.

You can find the activation key from the Aalto Download page ( From there, you can also download an ISO file (Matlab R2015b), which includes all available components. It is worth noticing that this file is very large (over 7 GB), which can be a problem with slow network connection.

Alternatively, you can download Matlab and Simulink directly from the MathWorks site ( From there, you can find the most recent version and you can choose the toolboxes to be downloaded (just Matlab, Simulink, and Control System Toolbox suffices). For downloading and installing the software from the MathWorks pages, you have to create a MathWorks account, where you should use your Aalto email address. At the end of installation, you will need the activation key, which you can find from the Aalto Download page.

C compiler

The MATLAB Functions are used in the Simulink models of the homework assignments. For more information, see:

These function make it easy to implement, e.g., discrete-time control algorithms for simulation models or even for embedded processors.

In order to be able to use these functions, a C compiler should be installed on your system (we do not write the C code in the course, but Matlab needs the compiler). On 32-bit Windows, the compiler is installed along with Matlab. Free compilers are available also for Macs and 64-bit Windows, see the installation instructions here:

If you cannot install the compiler to your own computer, you can use Matlab in the computer classrooms on the campus.

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