Course Description

Learning Outcome
Hands-on assignments and lectures will equip students with a wide range of relevant methodologies and tools to produce and validate user-centered information design. Topics and methods will be adjusted to suit the specific needs of student’s projects and interests, however covered topics will include: Systems thinking, User Study, Personas, Scenario, Heuristic evaluation, Task Analysis, learning from wicked problems, making prototypes and testing the prototypes. 

This course focuses on systems design aspects of Information Design, incorporating elements of Interface and Interaction design. Through the course students learn to design contextually relevant and user-centric information systems.

During this course there would be great opportunity to experiment and learn from everyday multi sensorial information inspirations, including sound as important aspect of information design. 

Final outcome of Advanced Information Design 1 will be a detailed concept and project plan for an information design project (realization will happen in Advanced Information Design 2). During the course students have to complete a series of assignments, which will support their final project. 

Students will develop the topic for their project during the first week, or work on a set of available briefs. Projects might deal with public data/issues, or arise from personal experiences. 
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