Frequently Asked Questions about the course

Q: I cannot attend the session at x.x.xxxx -- can I still join the course?

A: YES! This course has no first or last sessions. You just attend any three or six sessions you want. We are like the underground - you can step in and out whenever you want.

Q: I would love to discuss book X, but I am not in Finland on that date, could I join with Skype?
A: So far we have not allowed this. Without proper equipment, remote connection seldom allows fully fledged participation and tends to disrupt the discussions. We will continue to look into this and we have even considered doing some books via online meetings only.

Q: I would love to get the credits, but I can only manage two out of the three required sessions this academic year.
A: That is not a problem -- unless you graduate, you can always do the third session during the next academic year.

Q: What should I do if I think the book you have chosen is stupid? I think you should do book X instead.

A: This is an elective course with elective sessions. Nobody is forcing you to read any particular book. If you have a book in mind, please chick the survey on our course home page and write your suggestions in the open text field.

Last modified: Friday, 23 September 2016, 1:46 PM