Assigned topics

Student Topic
Adisa, Adedayo ZC1: Crowdsourcing in Vehicular Network
Alatalo, Leo KH2: Eventual consistency in NoSQL databases
Bernardi, Dario TL1: Absolute/perfect pitch
Christian Crosby, Addy MOS1: Survey of methods for passing client identity from a security gateway to a backend server
Deleuze, Laura TG1: Current methods in automatic text summarization
Dmitrenko, Alexey MJ1: Machine Learning as a Service platforms
Forsman, Kenneth DM1: Multi sensory VR/AR
Gomez, Martin SS6: Efficiency of Blockchain as a distributed database for the IoT and the network edge
Guirado, Emma GP1: Survey of wireless access technologies for connected cars
Hoffmann, Moritz AM1: Improving the QoE in adaptive video streaming through mobile edge caching: Optimization challenges
Jaktholm, Sami HF1: Open source edge computing
Javed, Asad KH3: Serverless computing for scalable IoT applications
John Peter, Julius SS5: Intra-body communication for Body-Area-Networks
Juopperi, Tuomas SS3:  On the use of Egocentric vision for the shoulder-surfing resistant always fresh  mobile authentication
Karapetyan, Karina AJ4: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Big Data over Networks
Karishma, Jain DM2: Multi sensory VR/AR
Kotilainen, Wäinö ASJ1: Scalability of IoT applications architecture with Microservices
Kovtun, Mariia ST1: Formal definition of trust and/or other security properties
Kulhavy, Martin AP1: Evaluating the Performance of Consensus Protocols
Lahdenperä, Jasse YX1: Workflow modeling
Latvala, Sampsa MAS1: Long-range wireless communication technologies for the IoT
Makarov, Aleksandr RD1: Fine-grained analysis of complexity of programming tasks
Nieminen, Raine CB1: First practical attack on SHA1
Noreikis, Marius JD2: Crowdsensing methods
Paul, Biraj SR1: Internet of Things and Fog Computing: Applications and Challenges
Pitalier, Quentin TK1: Virtual Reality in the Cloud
Pogosov, Pavel KH1: Cloud datastores and distributed transaction support
Pogosova, Maria JL1: Anonymous Payments by Zcash
Ratilainen, Tomi ZC2: V2X for Autonomous Vehicles
Rauhamaa, Johannes XJ2: Light weight deep learning models
Ricardo, Vieitez JN2: Blockchain computational load
Saeed, Aisha PK1: Routing protocols in wireless sensor networks: detection of malicious nodes and mitigation techniques
Shabunin, Ivan SS4: Challenges and opportunities of ofdm-based Device-free recognition systems 
Shan, Kuan SS1: Seamless pairing of on-body devices from correlated acceleration
Smirnov, Maksim AJ3: Information Flow over Complex Graphical Models
Spallino, Alessio XJ1: Deep learning applications on mobile devices
Sänkiaho, Arto AJ1: Convex Optimization for Big Data
Söderholm, Jaakko VH2: IoT system design and modelling methods
Tran, Raffaella SS2: Geospatial emotional mapping
Valiev, Artur JD1: Topic: Exploring the Future of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
Vigmostad, Borger NY1: Vulnerabilities and Attacks on Smart campus
Vu, Hoang XJ3: Cloud, edge and end devices execution trade offs for Deep Neural Networks
Wu, Dongmin JN1: Deep learning algorithms on mobile devices
Yrjölä, Martin VH1: Measuring performance of in-memory databases
Yushkovskiy, Artem ST2: A comparison of theorem provers
Zhao, Xin AJ2: Why Does Deep Learning Work?
Zugliani, Marco MN1: Pervasive Monocular SLAM
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