Assigned topics

Student Topic
Alder, Fritz AP1: Measuring TEE Resource Usage for Outsourced Computations
Chauhan, Rohan AH1: Interpretation of deep learning models
Finta, Gabor JX2: Real time computer vision applications on mobile devices
Gavrilenko, Natalia MDF1: Heterogeneous computing: from data centers to fog networks
Hadayat, Igra BJ2: Social-aware Resource Allocation in D2D-enabled 5G Networks
Hagberg, Henri LG1: Side-Channel Attacks
Harmaala, Ville BJ1: Edge Caching in Heterogeneous Networks
Henriksson, Oscar ST2: Modeling Mapping Composition in Spin
Jernström, Harri BA2: A Survey on DDoS Attacks Draining Resource Capability of Wireless Sensor Networks
Karapetyan, Karina EO1: Constraint solving for machine learning and data mining
Khan, Muhammad SS2: Alternative Blockchain implementations for the IoT and the network edge
Kivimäki, Juuso MB1: 4G-/5G-based teleoperation for driverless-cars test phase: Human help when AI fails
Kyrölä, Juho SR1: Tapping the web to measure its privacy
Mai, Viet Ba DM1: Non-Visual Graphical Access for Visually Impaired Users
Mikkonen, Juuso KH2: Eventual consistency in NoSQL databases
Nurmi, Henri SR3: 'Block'-buster: Understanding the blockchain ecosystem
Paronen, Anton ST1: Theorem provers and their applications
Peltonen, Aleksi TA1: Modelling and Verifying Security Protocols
Pentakota, Likhitha ZC2: V2X for Autonomous Vehicles
Perttula, Simo TH1: Localization Methods in a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)
Pärssinen, Paavo JX1: Modern Mobile Graphics Processors
Rouhiainen, Tuukka SR2: Scanning the Internet to find security loopholes
Saarnilehto, Ilkka SS3: Problems and possibilities of the payment services directive (PSD2)
Salminen, Severi TB1: Scalability of blockchain
Shabunin, Ivan GI1: Eye and Gaze tracking in Android
Stenhammar, Roope KH1: Analyzing Weak Memory Models
Ta, Minh RB1: Extreme Multi-label classification
Tavakkoli, Maryam YX1: A survey on resource management for edge/fog computing
Toro Betancur, Veronica MDF2: Device management in urban IoT scenarios
Vartiainen, Aleksi AM1: Collaborative content caching at the mobile edges

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