The thesis is ready! Submitting the thesis

Arrange a timetable with the supervisor for the evaluation and approval of the thesis. The supervisor needs about a month to read the finished thesis and write a statement. The Programme Committee approves and grades the thesis based on the statement(s) given by the supervisor and the advisor. The supervisor and advisor may write either a joint statement or separate statements.

The thesis can be approved when:

  • The student is enrolled as attending.
  • The topic of the master’s thesis is approved and valid.
  • The thesis supervisor approves the thesis to be submitted.
  • The student has given a seminar presentation and written a maturity essay.

The last possible date to complete the thesis presentation and maturity essay is the deadline for submitting theses and applications for evaluation.

The date of approval of the thesis will be the deadline for submitting the applications, although the approval of the thesis will not be processed by the Degree Programme Committee until after the deadline for submitting theses and applications for evaluation.

Even though the theses are submitted for approval only in electronic format, the supervisor might still require theses bound in black covers (binding model pdf). The student must agree upon this with the supervisor.

Submitting the thesis and applying for its approval

Submitting the electronic version of the thesis and applying for its approval is done through the eAge system as follows:

  1. Filling in the application form according to the instructions given in eAge and uploading the final version of the thesis into the system. The file must be saved in PDF/A format.
  2. The file name should not have any Scandinavian letters (e.g. ä and ö) or special characters. The name should be in the following format: school's abbreviation_publishingyear_lastname_firstname.pdf (for example student with the name Jan Järvinen would name the file as sci_2013_jarvinen_jan.pdf)
  3. The uploaded version has to be final and identical to the version given to the supervisor, with all corrections included.
  4. If needed, the student should submit a bound copy of the thesis to the supervisor.

Learning Centre’s instructions on converting the file into a PDF/A-format. The only valid and acceptable versions are PDF/A-1a, -1b, -2a and -2b. Instructions (PDF/A-format).

207 Approval and grading of the thesis (eAge system). Make sure you have sent the exactly same version to your supervisor for evaluation.

Appealing against a grade

Students dissatisfied with the grade of their thesis may appeal against the decision in writing to the Aalto University Academic Appeals Board (Aalto-yliopiston tutkintolautakunta) within 14 days of receiving notification of the decision. Address: Aalto University Academic Appeals Board, Registry, P.O. BOX 11000, FI-00076 AALTO.


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