The course grade (0-5) is determined based on the total of exam points (0-24) and exercise points (0-6),

  • Total points = exam points + exercise points.
The total points correspond to the following course grades,

  • 15 total points <-> grade 1
  • 16 total points <-> grade 2
  • 19 total points <-> grade 3
  • 22 total points <-> grade 4
  • 25 total points <-> grade 5

Additionally, grade 1 is also awarded to those who get 12 points from the exam alone. 

Note, especially, that the highest grade (5) can not be obtained without any exercise points. The reason for this is that learning to use R, and learning to conduct statistical analysis in practice are essential learning goals of the course.

The exercise points are valid in all exams organized during the year 2019.


You may take with you in the exam your writing equipment and one A4 of hand-written notes. The rules for the note are: size A4, text on one side only, must be hand-written, your name is written on the top right corner of the note.


There are several exercise groups in the course. Please attend one of them weekly and arrive in time in order to get exercise points from the homework.

Assistant emails are of the form

The course exercises consist of two kinds of problems, homework problems and class problems.

  • Homework problems: the first problem(s) of each week's exercise sheet is a homework problem which must be completed before that week's exercise session. Bring your solution to the homework problems with you to the exercise sessions (exception: first week's exercise). In the beginning of the exercise session, the course assistant will randomly ask some people who have solved the homework problem to present their solutions to everyone.
  • Class problems: the remaining problems of each week's exercise sheet are class problems that will be solved together in the exercise sessions.

Additionally, some of the homework and class problems are optional. And although no points will be awarded from them, you are still heavily encouraged to go them through. 

Exercise points will be awarded from the sessions as follows:

  • 1/2 exercise points, if you actively attend the exercise session and had completed the week's homework problem.
  • 1/4 exercise points, if you actively attend the exercise session but had not completed the week's homework problem.
Exception: during the first week's exercise, the full 1/2 points will be awarded solely based on active attendance. Note that active attendance to the exercise sessions is mandatory if you want to obtain any exercise points. 

If none of the exercise group times is suitable for you but you would still like to get the exercise points, contact the head assistant (paavo.raittinen(a) Note that you need an extremely good reason for getting the points without attendance!

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