Here are the instructions for how to download, install and update the Aalto Drawing application on Android devices. We are working on iOS (iPhone & iPad) support.


During the course, do not empty the app cache, remove any data or images stored by, or uninstall Aalto Drawing (please be careful when using functions such as Storage Cleaner)Do not uninstall the app before updating!

If you run into problems: 

We have built Aalto Drawing to be supported by most Android devices. If your device is not supported, or the installation fails for other reasons than insufficient memory, please let us know at the helpdesk!

Installation instructions - Android


Make sure your device has at least 200 MB free storage space to make sure the application installs and runs smoothly. Once installed, you can remove the .apk-file from your Downloads or files (but do not remove it from your Apps-folder) to save space on most devices. 

Step 1:

Download the Aalto Drawing-app from the Materials-section here on myCourses. Choose the latest version (highest version number). You can either download it straight onto your mobile device, or onto your computer and transfer it with a USB-cable, or Bluetooth, onto the device. 

Please note that the application is around 100 MB, and download may be slow. Your device may also timeout the download. If that happens, the file may still be downloading in the background, so check step 2 before trying again.

Step 2:

Locate the downloaded or transferred file on your device. It is called  UniversityDrawing.apk or AaltoDrawing.apk depending on the version. 
If you downloaded the file straight from myCourses, you should be able to find it by going to your file explorer app Files > Downloads and Favourites > Downloads.

Note: Do not open the file straight from the browser's downloads! Use a file explorer app or file management app.

Step 3:

If you have never installed an application from outside the Google Play Store, you need to allow installation from unknown sources: 

  1. Navigate to Setting > Security.
  2. Check the option "Unknown sources".
  3. Tap OK on the prompt message.
  4. Select "Trust".

Step 4:

Install the application by opening the file. Tap it, and choose Install. Allow for storage. 

That's it! You should be ready to start using the app! You should be able to find it on your Home Screen.

Updating the app

To update the app, simply follow the same steps as for installation. Your device should recognise the old version in the phone, and prompt you to Install Update.

Last modified: Tuesday, 11 December 2018, 10:29 AM