Assigned topics

Student Topic
Akgun, Tolgahan
PK: Is Narrowband-IoT an efficient alternative for large-scale connected devices systems?
Ali, Amaanat
RW: How deep is the learning used in wireless communications? Can we go deeper?
Askola, Tommi
GP: Distributed data analytics at the edge
Bállega Fernández, Héctor
AM1: Mobile edge computing assisted Internet of Things
Beder, Ahmed
CB: On the conceptual weirdness of indistinguishability obfuscation
Benitez Fernández, Javier
VTB1: Software Defined Radios in IoT
Biswas, Shamim
AM1: Mobile edge computing assisted Internet of Things
Cheng, JohnJX2: Comparison of modern deep convolutional neural networks
Chowdhury, Arnab
AM2: Mobile crowdsensing in Internet of Things
Cornelissen, Eric
AP1: Formal Verification of Cryptographic Protocols with Tamarin Prover
Ding, Ruiyang
SR2: Analysis of fallback authentication mechanisms
Duarte Coscia, Bruno
CZ1: V2X for Autonomous Vehicles
Duisembiyeva, Akzharkyn MJ: Fraudulent user identification methods on social media
Ebeling, Tuomas JN3: Quantum Key Distribution
Elhariry, Mohammad
GI2: Machine Learning for video encoding
Gavrilenko, Natalia
KH: Memory-model aware verification tools: A survey
Gödeke, Alexander
TB1: Email security
Hamidy, Gilang
HG: Survey on pointer analysis (using LLVM)
Helkavaara, Ilkka LG1: Designing application programming interfaces for security
Hietanen, Jussi
TA2: GPS jamming and spoofing
Hitz, Andreas
MMF1: Designing solutions for pervasive displays: A survey
Hovsepyan, Satenik SR2: Analysis of fallback authentication mechanisms
Islam, Md Kamrul
BJ1: Video Caching, Computing and Delivery in Wireless Mobile Edge Networks
Jain, Tanvi
MDF2: Barcodes for mobile computing applications
Jernström, Harri
GI1: Machine learning based rate adaption in adaptive HTTP video streaming
Kanerva, Miika
MDF1: Function orchestration in serverless computing
Kankkonen, Miska
BGA1: Security of Deep Reinforcement Learning Applications
Kartaev, Timur
SS2: Electronic identification for citizens
Klein, Lukas
MS1: Beyond the Google's BeyondCorp
Kärkkäinen, Lasse
AJ: Convergence Analysis of Machine Learning Methods using Dynamic System Theory
Long, Shiting VG: DNA Origami Nanostructures
Lähetkangas, Roope
TB2: Native code security
Mammo, Kidus
AK: State of the Art of IoT Data Model Translation
Mariani, Giacomo AP3: Formal Verification of EAP with mCRL2
Mulder, Mats
TG: Automatic detection of rumor from social media
Mustonen, Auli
BGA2: A Survey on Intrusion Detection Datasets
Mäki-Kihniä, Matti
SS1: Active/Continuous authentication for mobile devices 
Nettey, Noah
GI1: Machine learning based rate adaption in adaptive HTTP video streaming
Nguyen, Xuan Nam
LG2: Tor network
Oro, Ervin
JW: Android App Collusion
Papli, Kaspar SR1: Defense against server breach attacks
Perä, Tuomo
JN1: Quantum computing for solving optimization problems – practical perspective
Phutrakul, Sataponn
CZ2: Crowdsourcing in Vehicular Network
Plaku, Ngadhnjim
TA1: Bluetooth LE locator and security and privacy
Pohjalainen, Mikko
AT: Survey: IPv6 Honeypots for IoT
Pulkkinen, Joel
AP2: Formal Verification of Cryptographic Protocols with ProVerif
Romanov, Aleksandr
HLT2: Robotic Process Automation and   Enterprise Cloud Software Services
Saxén, Daniel
JN2: Coverage testing of neural networks
Seligmann, Robert
AYJ: AR/VR in the industrial field
Shmeleva, Ekaterina
MMF2: Data exchange between smartphones using visible light
Stigzelius, Oscar
HF: Service mesh concept and its realizations
Sulaeman, Adika
HLT1: Digital Twin for Industrial Edge 4.0: Concepts and Tools
Tran, Luong Khiem
MS3: CoAP Congestion control and DoS attacks
Ujjwal, Sonika
VH: Microservices for IIoT applications
Vaarnamo, Antero
MMF3: User engagement with public displays
Wang, Hongkuan
GI2: Machine Learning for video encoding
Viinikka, Ville
VTB2: Survey on machine learning for signal detection
Vobilisetty, Sriram Varun
JX1: Lightweight modern convolutional object detectors
Xia, Yuxi
SM: Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning using trusted hardware
Yudhistira, Christian
MS2: Access Control for IoT devices
Zhuravleva, Aleksandra
BJ2: Intelligent Edge Computing and Caching Techniques in Future Wireless Networks 

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