Please see carefully that you have completed all of these, to gain the credit. 

1 Update your application to enable sending data. 

There should be a small button in the upper right corner reading "send data". You need an internet connection to use this.
Fill in your address and send the data in. This gives our team your drawings, grades, and overall app activity. Your information will never be used in a way that personifies you as an individual. It is strictly for development and research purposes. 

If the send data button doesn't work properly: 
- make sure you have an internet connection 
- see the app settings in your phone in case it needs a permission to send data (it should not need one) 
- if the problem still persists, contact me via email asap: Let me know the details and what device/android version you are using. 

2 Answer the completion survey.

3 Confirm that you have sent the data through the app successfully by replying in this thread on MyCourses.

This is to double check that everyone who has intended to complete the course/send the data, has done so and we have received it!   

Last modified: Sunday, 3 February 2019, 6:10 PM