Orientation week 2 - 6 September

You can find the orientation week schedule here https://into.aalto.fi/display/enbsctech/Starting+your+studies.

 Please note that the orientation week is compulsory part of the Introduction Course for Bachelor's students! If, however, you are not capable of attending, for example, due to delay in receiving the residence permit, you should follow the instructions below

  •  be in touch with the programme services
  • make sure that you have enrolled for courses, your student tutor and the programme services staff may help you with this

You can find the Arrival and Orientation survey at https://www.webropolsurveys.com/S/BC47FF17FFC39A74.par. Please submit the form on 19 September at latest.

Material from the orientation week:

Tuesday 3 September: Programme staff introduction

Wednesday 4 September: How to Network by Peter Kelly. Course Registrations: Chemical Engineering, Computational Engineering, Data Science, Digital Systems and Design, Quantum Technology

Thursday 5 September: Aalto University Services for Students: Aalto Student Union, Language Centre, Learning Centre, Starting Point of Wellbeing, Finnish Student Health Service

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