Assignment: Team agreement - Deadline September 24, 12:00

The purpose of Team Agreement is to agree on collective working principles and values for the team. The values and principles are there to enable you to perform better, ensure good interaction, and promote your continuous learning both individually and collectively. It is crucial that you elaborate your team values and principles together as a team, discuss how they are manifested in your daily interactions and operations, and ensure common understanding. 

Team can choose the layout and design of the document freely. The title must be Team Agreement - Startup Experience 2019. Put your team's name on the top, and the names of the team members. The team must discuss and agree on at least following issues:

1. Communication and interaction

- how are you going to ensure good flow of information? what are you communication and interaction key principles? 

2. Performance and delivery

- how are you going to ensure that your team is performing well and delivering what is agreed and requested? what are your principles for meeting deadlines and keeping your promises?

3. Decision making

- how are you going to make decisions? how will you ensure that each of you are aware of and committed to mutual decisions and agreements?

4. Conflict resolution

- what will you do when a conflict emerge? how are you going to resolve conflicts? how can you solve the situations even before they become conflictual?

5. Support and help

- how will you help and support each other? how help and support is requested within the team? how will you support other teams if requested?

6. Learning and improvements

- how will you support collective and individual learning in a team? how will you evaluate your team practices and performance? how will you make necessary changes in your team practices? how will you evaluate the appropriateness of these principles?

7. Positivity and fun

- how will you ensure that the team atmosphere remain good throughout the course?

8. Respect and appreciation

- how will you ensure that all team members feel that they are respected and appreciated within the team?

9 . Optional issues

- the team can decide possible additional principles to be agreed on

Formulate as concrete as possible but at the same time general enough principles. Add short examples if possible. Keep the number of principles low enough. Too many or too lengthy are hard to remember. 

The Team Agreement will be used as a reference when discussing your team performance and experiences in mid term consultation session. First of all, it should be a helpful document for you to have a great and productive team and learning experience together.

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