Workshop: Analysing user data - Oct 1, 09:15 - 12:00

The Lean Canvas, the output of user research in about 1 hour

Once you have conducted your user research, it is time to turn your user research insights into Business insights! 

User research is an important part of getting new information into one of the lean startup cycles. The next step is apply your user data to building your start-up. There are two important tools that you can use for “defining” a start-up: the Business Model Canvas and the Value proposition Canvas.

The first step towards building a business is to take your user research and turn it into an understanding of what customer needs you will serve. For this, we use a tool called the Lean Startup Canvas. Your user research will provide the information you need to develop the Lean Startup Canvas.

Introduction to the Lean Startup Canvas (10 minutes). 

 (10 min).

 (12 min)

A very important element of the Lean thinking is the concept of “Job to be done”. The concept was originally introduced by Clayton Christensen. It is a very effective way of thinking about the needs of your customer (5 min).

Once you understand what customer needs, you can start planning how to fulfill the user needs and do it in a sustainable way.

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