Course material / recommended reading

Recommended reading for the course

The most important material, such as lecture slides and links to
useful resources, will be posted in MyCourses.

Other recommended reading:

1. James J. Condon & Scott M. Ransom: "Essential Radio Astronomy". A
web version that the book is based on, but not identical with, can be
found with a downloadable pdf file at

2. Jonathan M. Marr, Ronald L. Snell & Stanley E. Kurtz: "Fundamentals
of Radio Astronomy: Observational Methods". Available at Amazon,
etc. Lecturer's own copy can be borrowed for a very short-term (hours
to some days) loan.

3. Karttunen, Kröger, Oja: "Fundamental Astronomy". Available at
AdLibris, Ursa, etc. This is a text book of general astronomy intended
for first-year students of astronomy. The emphasis is not on radio
astronmy, but the book is a very comprehensive general-purpose book on
astronomy, and recommended reading to anyone who is interested in
deepening their knowledge on the astronomy fundamentals.

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