Workshop: Design your life, Thu, Nov 28, 14:15-16:00

It’s an approach developed in Life design Lab Stanford. You can possess great entrepreneurial toolkit as well the best idea of it’s kind, but if you are generally not very sure what are you doing and why, if you are stuck and lost, you most likely will lose in your business. Thus, we would like to equip you with something more than just an start tools and methodologies to build your own startup, but also some tools that can help you to know a bit more what are you doing, why and what you can do next. The idea is that you have to be able to answer each moment what is the purpose and meaning of the activity you do right now.

To have a productive workshop you should bring the list of activities that bring you energy, flow state (100% engagement) and joy. We will not ask you to present it, but you should have it with you at any format you want. Now you have time to start thinking about these activities and fill the list.

It shouldn’t be only work or study related activities, but all types of activities. Do not put every activity in the list, but those that make you feel great. Some days you might have many of them, but some days – none. The idea is that we want you to observe your feelings and understand activities that are important for you. 

Filling the list you can also think about mountaintops that you had in your life. What kind of experience in your life made you feel extraordinary?

When you will think about your activities try to zoom them: try to pick up exact experience that brings positive states, for example not just “having a meeting”, but more precisely “arguing and convincing someone”. Thinking about your experience look at it from the following angles: activities, environment, interactions, objects, people.

You can choose whenever format comfortable for you. No need to upload in myCourses.

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