Presentation skills

You will get to present your cases in the last Capstone session to the case company, Faculty Facilitators and fellow students. Your presentation should be engaging, credible and persuasive. Please check the Business Presentations Rubric that is available under materials and the Presentation skills seminar slides when preparing your presentations.

The case presentation has four deliverables:

a.       Presentation coaching session on November 20-22 (one hour per team)

b.       Final case presentation on November 27 at 15:00-18:00 (10 -13 minutes long)

c.       Case presentation slides (due on November 27 at midnight)

d.       One slide summary of your project on November 27 at 15:00-18:00 (slides are due on November 26 at midnight)

For the final case presentation, we will have two parallel sessions and have 20 minutes time for each presentation, so each presentation will be followed by about 7-10 minutes of questions and feedback. 

After this, we will all get together for a closing session and you get to present a 1 slide summary of your project. For the summary, you may use the 6 sentence pitch that Christa taught you at the presentation skills seminar.

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