27.1.-24.2.2020 (DL) Group meeting 1 - instructions

Group  meeting 1 – instructions 

General goals of the group activities 

Master’s thesis tends to be a lonely process for many. The purpose of the group activities is to provide all students with a peer group where you can share the pains and gains, proportion your work and possible challenges with peers and ask for advice. In practically all professional contexts you will benefit from the ability to share your work and vocabularize possible challenges.

Those who have completed their BSc in Aalto are familiar with these type of group activities from the BSc thesis and seminar. Only now the scope of the project is significantly larger.


particular timeslot for the group meetings has not been reserved. Agree the meeting in the start lecture or soon after. The group information has been shared through the forum tool in MyCourses. Use the discussion thread to agree the meeting or exchange your contact information there. The meeting must be organised during 27.1.-24.2.2020 and an individual report of attendance must be submitted by 24.2.2020 in MyCourses. 

Goal of the first meeting 

The goal of the first meeting is to meet your group and learn how your peers have started the process. You will also be able to share your thoughts and form a common understanding regarding the thesis evaluation guideline. 

Before the meeting 

  • Make sure you have read and understood the general thesis info materials (thesis info lecture slides and thesis process start lecture slides). 

  • Recall the thesis related tasks from the course Academic skills in master’s studies (you have read one completed thesis and discussed with your mentor about some open questions). If you didn’t attend the course last year, read one completed thesis from the Aaltodocs archive (learningcenter.aalto.fi). 

  • You should have at least preliminarily discussed about your topic with your supervisor. If not, make sure you have done it before your group meeting. 

  • Familiarize yourself with the thesis evaluation guideline (available under “general thesis info material” in MyCourses). 

During the meeting  

  • Present your topic to the group (what topic/research problem, where is the topic from, who is your supervisor/advisor, what is your planned schedule, what is the current status of your work). 

  • Rate your current mood regarding your thesis 4-10 and justify the given rating. What makes the rating poor or high? 

  • Comment the evaluation guideline, is there something unclear to you? 

General instructions for the meeting 

  • Present your topics one at a time first. 

  • Discuss the topics so that everyone has a general understanding of what each thesis project is about.  

  • Go through another round regarding the “moods”.  

  • Discuss the ratings, try to find solutions to possible challenges/obstacles. Support each other, make suggestions on how to continue. 

  • Go through a comment round regarding the thesis evaluation guideline (available under “general thesis info material” in MyCourses). What kind of thoughts or questions did it raise? What is unclear? Take possible open questions up with your supervisor. Note, that supervisors are supposed to go through the evaluation principles with their students at least on a general level. If this isn’t the case, ask your supervisor.

  • If you have further questions, submit them in the course Q & A Forum in Mycourses.

After the meeting 

Report your meeting attendance in MyCourses by 24.2.2020. 



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