3.3-23.3.2020 (DL) Group meeting 2 - instructions

Group meeting 2 – instructions 


Agree within your group also on the 2nd-meeting time and place soon after receiving written comments on your own research plan by 2.3.2020 (in Assignment 1 and peer review). The group meeting must be organised during the period 3.3-23.3.2020. Remember also, that an individual learning diary must be submitted, latest by 23.3.2020 in MyCourses, reflecting on on both your writing your own research plan and the group work. 

Goal of the second meeting 

The goal of the second meeting is to enable each student to finalise the research plan mainly based on the comments by the peers. 

Before the meeting 

  • Prepare to present the current status of your work: What kind of comments did you receive and find useful?
  • What should you still improve? If any of the comments raised certain issues, how do you intend to solve them?

During the meeting  

  • Present the current status of your work. What are your next steps in finalising the research plan?

  • Answer to all questions that your peers might have on your comments on their research plan. Be constructive!

  • Rate your current mood regarding your thesis 4-10 and justify the given rating. What makes the rating poor or high? 

General instructions for the meeting 

  • Allocate enough time for discussing each research plan in sufficient detail.

  • When you go through your current “moods” about your theses, try to find solutions to obstacles. Support each other, make suggestions on how to continue. 

  • If you have further questions, submit them in the course Q & A Forum in Mycourses.

After the meeting 

Submit an individual learning diary, inluding your take-aways from the second group meeting, latest by 23.3.2020 in MyCourses.

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