Course timeline

The course timeline is shown below. There is no exam. Instead, continuous assessment comes in form of weekly assignments and learning diaries. The three-credit course work consists of

  • twelve lectures, each with
    • preliminary work (reading an article, watching a video, etc.) and
    • assignments (short essay, questionnaire, reading, etc., with deadline at the end of the week),
  • two evaluation sessions during the exam weeks, with no lecture but other activities, and
  • four learning diary submissions (LD), with specific deadlines, and
  • participation in peer and self assessment for three LDs.
  • There is also an excursion outside the lecture time on Thursday 5.3., between 18-20, in Helsinki.

Click here for a graph showing the distribution of workload across the different tasks, and the effect each task has on the final grade.

Final deadline for all course-related work is Tuesday 7.4.2020 at 23:55. The grades and credits are expected by 30.4.2020.

Course timeline
L   Date Topic Theme LD DL
Introduction and cosmic scales
  Background, basic celestial mechanics 28.1.
14.1. Solar system
Celestial mechanics from the ...
28.1. One planet, one sky, one people   Ancient astronomy, from myths to science 18.2.
4.2. "Sancta terra"
11.2. Towards scientific astronomy
18.2.   Evaluation session (class)   [submit the 2nd LD only after this one]
25.2. The past 100 years   Modern astronomy, year 2000 ± century 17.3.
3.3. Astronomy in the 21st century
10.3. Modern astronomical worldview
10 17.3. Astronomy and culture   Astronomy and society, art, biology, future, ... 7.4.
11 24.3. Astrobiology (by Esko Valtaoja)
12 31.3. Big open questions
7.4. Evaluation session (online, reserve 2 hours for this during the day)
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