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A Guide to Not Failing the Exam1

The course is [sadly?] coming to a close, and the exam is approaching. Therefore, it is important to be prepared, so that you're not taken by surprise on the actual exam date . The following are a few guidelines to ensure that the experience will be smooth for both you and us. 

  • The exam takes place on Tuesday 18th February, 14:00 - 17:00 in room R017/Maari C-D (Sähkömiehentie 3)

  • You are expected to be in room at least 20 min before the exam (13:40). Why? You will need the full 3 hours to complete the exam, so we want to ensure that everybody is present and has their computer up and running. You need to find a power outlet, space out over the room, finished that one last mandatory Windows update, etc. Do yourself a favour and be there at 13:40! 
  • Overall, we want you to demonstrate your ability to perform the operations taught in DSB I independently on real data; just as if you were working as a Business Analyst, Data Scientist, etc.  
  • The exam will be similar to Assignment 2. You will be given a Jupyter notebook template, a dataset, and a list of tasks. 
  • Upon completion, you are expected to submit your .ipynb file to a MyCourses submission box that will appear on the front page of the MyCourses DSfB I. 
  • We highly recommend that you work on the exam using JupyterHub, not your local Python environment. On JupyterHub, we can ensure that all package versions match. You don't want run into version issues on your own machine because Matplotlib was updated yesterday and is now incompatible with another crucial package. 
  • The exam is "open everything". You have access to all past tutorials, assignments, lecture slides, etc. Note, however, that you are responsible for organising your material in a way that allows easy access during the exam. 
  • You will have access to the internet. 
  • You are not allowed to communicate amongst each other (seriously, you have full access to all materials AND the Internet. That should be enough help). 
  • We will cross-check the exam submissions for plagiarism. If you and your buddy's work looks too similar, we will start to ask questions (again, you really have enough help. Do it yourself!)
  • The exam room has a Desktop Windows PC for each student, however you are welcome to use your own laptop. 

  • The MyCourses exam submission box closes at 17.00 sharp! This is non-negotiable, there are no exceptions, and we can legally not accept any late submissions. If you take a pen and paper exam, you also cannot continue writing past the exam time. I am serious about this. There were tears involved last year because some students coded until 16:59:30 and then did not have enough time to submit their work. Organise your 3h so that you have enough time to download your notebook and upload it to the submission box. 
  • You need to click the submit button!

That's about it. You've all taken exams at Aalto before, so you know how the other things go. We'll do a recap before we start anyway. So good luck in the exam and...

May the odds be ever in your favor


1 The teaching assistant may not be held accountable if you still fail the exam after following this guide.

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