Schedule updated Feb 20 2020

Schedule Updated Feb 20 2020




Tatu Marttila

Marjaana Tanttu - Design involvement in clean technology development

Constantinos Miltiades

Luka Piskorec - Form Finding Using Deep Representation Models


Luis Vega

Pinar Simsek Caglar - Employee experience in creative work contexts

Marjaana Tanttu

Emilija Veselova - Bioinclusive Collaborative and Participatory Design


Paola Cabrera

Nathaly Pinto - Design production and democracy

Pinar Simsek

Luis Vega Hernandez - Ecologies of Practice


Luka Piskorec

Constantinos Miltiades - The earth is not flat: Inconstructible architectures in VR and the question of design-space





Kata Fodor

Neha Sayed - Place in Internet of Things

Neha Sayed

Kata Fodor - Kitchen Think-Over: The Hybridisation of Food Spaces

Emilija Veselova

Essi Karell - Circular Fashion Design





Maria Ferreira Litowtschenko

Brenda Vértiz - Feminist Participatory Design interventions, contesting the social reproduction of urban exclusion in marginalized urban environments.    




Apr- 1


Paola Cabrera - Rendering Cultural sustainability in Sustainable design: how designers address cultural issues


Nils Ehrenberg

Hella Hernberg





Yoon Han

Nina Kahma - Scientific idea challenge as a multi-stakeholder concept

Yoon Han - space as field conditions





Oldouz Moslemian - Kinetic Textiles in Architecture

Nils Ehrenberg


Brenda Vértiz

Maria Ferreira Litowtschenko – Design in the Public Sector

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