Users' research intro, tools and means to do that. Assignment to start to do user research - 5 interactions per person with the potential user, customer or expert

Upload in MyCourses a short report about your user research in text format (pdf)

Your research focus, how did you do your research (interviews, surveys, observations, internet search etc...) – what kind of channels did you use, whom you interviewed and why these people (who age, occupation, status, experts or users etc. (anonymous please, no names), how did you reach these people, did you face any challenges.

User research basics

The starting point for developing a new business is to do your user research well. Qualitative and quantitative user research ar tow different research "strategies", in this video you learn the basics about them (10 minutes)

In-depth user research typically starts with Qualitative user research. It is all about understanding the user’s experience. (30 minutes)

Interviews are an important tool for early user research. Asking the right questions in the right manner is key to a successful interview (10 minutes)

Does your interview technique pass the "Mom test"? (5 min) 

The most powerful way to study users is to study them on their own (and relevant) environment. This is not always possible but you should always strive for it. Such a study is called a “Contextual inquiry” and here are some tips on how you do it (5 minutes).

Once you know your audience, you can find quantitative information with a good survey. But remember, you should never start with a survey, you need to do your basic user research first (5 minutes).

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