The students are evaluated as a team. The Coach and Product Owner evaluate the team's work practices and intermediate/final results after each project review. 

ComponentWhenPOCoachTOTAL (max)
Work practicesAfter each project review-0-5p15p
Project progressAfter each project review0-5p 15p
Final resultsAfter the last project review0-15p0-15p30p
EES participationAfter each EES-0-0.5p2p
TOTAL (max)   62p

The grade boundaries will be announced after the completion of the projects in April.

Evaluation of the work practices (Coach)

After each project review, the Coach evaluates (0-5p) and comments the fulfillment of the requirements set in the Project Manual. Aspects considered: 

  • Communicating problems early does not reduce points. All projects will encounter many of them! Failing to identify problems or react to them may lead to reduced points.
  • Failing to fulfill a requirement or make the fulfillment visible to the Coach reduces points.
  • Trying new work practices and tools, and analytically evaluating their usefulness is considered positively in evaluation.

Coach: Work practices
5p - No major complaints, fulfills some requirements with distinction
4p - No major complaints
3p - Some major complaints
2p - Some major and lots of minor complaints
1p - Lots of major complaints
0p - Failed

Evaluation of the project progress (PO) and final results (Coach & PO)

The Product Owner often has high expectations on the progress of the project. Just like in real projects, the team should try to set her expectations on a realistic level considering the available budget (effort) and the skills of the team.

In each project review, PO uses the Evaluation form to evaluate the project progress after the previous project review, and considers also slightly team's work practices from her point of view (0-5p).

In the last project review both PO and the Coach evaluate the final results (0-15p). PO evaluates them in relation to the Product Vision whereas the Coach evaluates them in relation to other projects on this course.

The Coach also considers the difficulty of the project based on the team's analysis of it in the final report. The highest points (13-15p) are given only to difficult projects with exemplary results. Both an easy project with exemplary results and a difficult project with good results may get about the same points (10-12p).

PO: Project progress / Final resultsCoach: Final results
5p / 13-15p - Exceeds expectations
4p / 10-12p - Meets expectations 
3p / 07-09p - Slightly below expectations
2p / 04-06p - Clearly below expectations
1p / 01-03p - Far below expectations
0p / 0p - Failed
13-15p - Exemplary results, difficult project
10-12p - Exemplary results, easy project
10-12p - Good results, difficult project  
07-09p - Satisfactory results
04-06p - Poor results
00-03p - Minimal results

Peer evaluation and personal changes to the grade (team members)

All team members should give feedback to each other of their work: what was good, where to improve. Furthermore, if the team members contributed unevenly to the project, the team can propose personal changes of one grade. The sum of changes must be zero. The team should discuss the changes together and send a proposal to the Coach immediately after the last project review at the latest. Based on the proposal the course personnel may adjust the personal grades by one, the sum being zero. If the team gets grade 5, no personal changes are made.

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