LC-1112 Online Presentation Skills for Engineers, 2 ECTS (oral skills)

In this course, you will construct and deliver an informative presentation. The presentation topic must be related to your field (i.e. your major subject). The course contents and assignments guide you through this process of building an effective presentation. The weekly assignments are to be completed online and must be submitted by the deadline posted. In addition, you will be required to attend one practice session (2-3 h, Week 4) and one final presentation session (2-3h, Week 6).   

 During the face-to-face practice session in week 4, you will practise giving an 8-10 minute presentation with PowerPoint slides and get feedback on your presentation skills from 2-4 classmates and the instructor. You will also give feedback to others during this session. The practice presentation will be videoed, after which you will watch the presentation video and analyze your own performance. This will help you identify the areas which you would like to improve in the final version of the talk.  The final presentations will be given during week 6.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course, the students will be able to:

- identify the influence of audience on presentation content, style and organization

- create a presentation outline to ensure a clear organization of contents, including an introduction, body, conclusion and transitional statements.

- design effective presentation slides that reinforce the message of the presentation

- deliver a presentation on a topic related to their field of study in English

- analyze their strengths and development areas as presenters in English


This course applies a process approach to learning, in which students plan, prepare, practise and deliver an informative presentation on a topic from their own fields of study. Students start out by analyzing their background and experiences as presenters and users of English in order to establish personal goals and areas of development. Students watch and analyze presentations in order to discuss elements of effective presentations. Students plan their talk for academic, non-expert audiences by creating an outline, including the introduction, body, and conclusion as well as transitions. Students familiarize themselves with principles of effective slide design and apply these to their own presentation. Students practise their presentation in small groups and give each other constructive feedback. Based on this process, they create the final version of the talk

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