Book Assignment Guidelines

Guidelines for the reading group work
Each group will "teach" and facilitate a learning discussion on their respective readings to the class in an engaging way.
The length of each presentation should be approximately 20 min (incl. presentation + discussion). Be prepared to facilitate and generate the discussion. The presentation should include explanatory material, such as slides, charts, models, etc... Use examples to make your point. Make sure that you cite the source(s) in your presentation. As learning is never only a responsibility of the teacher only, it is important that the members of the other groups also actively participate in the presentations and discussions. If something seems unclear, do ask the presenters to explain more. Make critical comments. This forms a part of the reading task too and will affect the grading of this assignment.

Some aspects of what to cover in the book presentation lecture:
• What is the main theory / idea in the book
• The most important concepts
• What are the strengths and weaknesses of the main ideas, how could it be improved?
• When was it written, why, to whom?  - the context of the book
• Does the text work, are the arguments well made? Be critical when you read the book

Required outcome:

1. One A4 of the key messages of your book - to be submitted in advance, by 24th / 27th November - depending on your group's presentation day

2. Create a learning situation with your presentation. Here both the roles of the teacher and student are important, so the audience needs to be actively engaged.

3. Presentation slides (powerpoint, pdf or prezi) that can be shared on MyCourses - to be submitted by the end of your presentation day, including 1 additional slide reflecting on how you think your session went

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