During this course, you will complete 10 preparatory assignments and participate in one pitching event. The assignments will guide you through the process of planning, preparing, practising and delivering a persuasive type of presentation, a 1-2 minute elevator pitch on a topic in your field of study.

This course applies a process approach to learning, so it is important to reserve enough time regularly for completing the assignments according to schedule.

All the needed materials are provided in each particular section or assignment (attached or linked).

Week - 1 Introductions

  • A1  Getting acquainted: Live Zoom meeting: Prepared introduction of self plus reacting other students' ideas  (5+3 points)

  • A2  Elements of persuasion: reading and forum (5 points)
  • A3  Analysing elevator pitches: watch and reflect  (5 points)

Week 2 - Topic, content and organisation

  • A4   Elevator pitch outline  (10 points)

Week 3 -  Modes of persuasion

  • A5  Identifying the modes of persuasion: forum (5 points)
  • A6  Rework your outline (5 points)

Week 4 - Practice and feedback

  • A7  First elevator pitch practice (5 points)
  • A8  Self-evaluation of the rehearsal (5 points)

Week 5 - Aspects of delivery

  • A9  Report on two areas of delivery (5 points)

Week 6 - Elevator pitches with Q&A

  • Pitching event:  final versions of elevator pitches with Q&A. Small group meeting. (40 points)
  • A10 Evaluative transcript of final elevator pitch (5 points)
  • A11 Course feedback and reflection (2 points)


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