Welcome to the Many-body Quantum Physics course! This is the third quantum course following Quantum mechanics and Advanced quantum mechanics courses. The course is taught by Prof. Päivi Törmä (with Jani-Petri Martikainen as TA). Structure of the course is:

  • 3 hours of lectures/week (wednesday morning)
  • 2 hour exercise session/week (friday 12-14)
  • Two exams during the course (24.2 and 12.4, final exam for those who couldn't make it to midterms monday 31.5)
  • For the time being course is taught remotely via Zoom: Meeting ID 686 4597 0343.
  • The first exam from lectures 1-6 and the second from 7-12. 
  • It is very important for teachers to get feedback from the course, in order to improve teaching. After last lecture, please fill the questionnaire and let Jani-Petri Martikainen know that you have done it. You will get 2 point bonus for that.
  •  Additional lecture material (chapters from books, except Liboff) might be available for copying at the Nanotalo lobby notice board, by the box meant for exercises (and maybe in MyCourses as well). When taking copies, please return the originals promptly so that they are available for others as well. You do not necessarily need the book material: everything that comes to the exam is contained in the lecture notes. But if something remains unclear to you based on the lecture notes, or you are interested in learning more/deeper, then the book chapters can be useful.  
  • Points from exercises (0...13), exams (0...48), and feedback (0 or 2)

The course focuses on many aspects of quantum many-body physics in contrast to earlier courses where focus was on single particle quantum mechanics. You will get an overview of some of the most fascinating research topics in quantum many-body physics. Featuring, for example...

  • time-dependent perturbation theory
  • field quantization
  • interaction of a two-level system with a quantized field
  • basics of many-body formalism
  • quantum coherence
  • Bose-Einstein condensation and Fermi condensates
  • quantum phase transitions

In case you want to know more send an email (jani-petri.martikainen@aalto.fi) or come for a visit if corona restrictions are loosened (Nanotalo Puumiehenkuja 2,N201b).

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