The course is passed by taking the exam (24.2.2020) and optionally attending the exercise classes.

For every student that takes the exam, we calculate two tentative grades on scale 0–5: one from the exam only, and one from exam and exercises. The better of these two grades is then automatically applied.

(1) From exam points (0–24) we assign the exam grade T (scale 0–5).
(2) Combined points are the sum of exam points (linearly scaled to 0–60) and exercise points (scaled linearly to 0–40). From the combined points we assign the combined grade Y (scale 0–5). Thus for this grade, the exam weighs 60% and the exercises weigh 40%.

The course grade is then max(T, Y). In each alternative, half of the maximum points (either 12 from exam only, or 50 from combined points) will be enough to pass the course with the lowest grade 1. The precise point limits will be announced after the exam has been graded.

The exercises include (a) class exercises, (b) homework and (c) online STACK exercises. See below for details.

The exercise points collected on this course (period III) are valid in two exams: after period III and after period IV.


The answers and calculations should be carried out with intermediate steps and be sufficiently detailed - no points will be given for correct numerical results only. The exam contains 4 problems, each of which will be graded on a scale of 0-6 points.

The registration for the course exam on is completed by enrolling to the course in WebOodi. It is not needed to register for the exam separately.

Method: Remote exam in MyCourses

Contact: (Technical problems) Anssi Mirka,, +35850 4705510


      All those registered for the course in the current period have automatic access to the course MyCourses space where the exam will be.

Exam rules:

  1. Your name, signature, and student number must be visible on each page.

  2. During the exam, you may use any material you wish. That is, the exam is "open book".

  3. Communication with other people regarding the exam is strictly prohibited during the exam. Your work must be your own.

  4. You must hand-write your solutions on paper or a computer tablet. Typed solutions are not permitted without advanced permission.

  5. It is your own responsibility to make sure that your submitted answers are readable. Unreadable solutions will not be graded.

  6. Students in need of alternative arrangements, for disability or health reasons, must contact the examination organizer within the registration period (in accordance with the Aalto exam guidelines).

Submitting the exam:

  1. Create a single PDF document of your exam.

  2. Upload this PDF to the return box in MyCourses.

  3. If you encounter some very seriously difficulty that can not be resolved then contact the person above.

  4. In case of some complete IT failure or other major unpredictable incident you may email you exam to with the subject line "MS-A0503". You must clearly state the reason why your are submitting by email.

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