Q: Can I take the course in some other period?

A: Yes. The courses MS-A0501, MS-A0502, MS-A0503, MS-A0504, MS-A0509 have the same content and learning goals. This course can be substituted by any of the above-mentioned courses.

Q: Is it possible to pass the course in a way that attendance is not necessary?

A: Yes. You can pass the course by studying by yourself and taking any of the MS-A050X exams, which are held several times a year.

Q: I have passed a similar course at another university. Can I use this accomplishment to substitute this course?

A: This depends on the details of the contents of the other course. Please contact the lecturer.

Q: Why do the once earned exercise points expire after a certain time?

A: Because the contract of the main assistant of the course, who takes care of the record of exercise points, usually expires after a fixed-term.

Q: Can I pass this course by taking two mid-term exams instead of the exam?

A: No. There are no mid-term exams anymore for this course.

Q: I am not able to attend one of my exercise classes. Can I substitute this by attending some other exercise class?

A: Everybody should prioritize to attend the exercise class, where she/he has registered for. Visits at other classes are allowed, but in this case one has to write her/his name and student number clearly at the end of the point-list. The maximum sizes of exercise groups are depending on the number of seats in the classrooms and therefore the ones who have registered for the class have the priority to attend their own group.

Q: Is it possible to substitute an exercise class by e.g. sending the homework solutions to the assistant of the class?

A: This is possible in exceptional cases only, as e.g. illness. In this case one has to agree on this with the assistant of one's own exercise class in advance.

Q: I have joined the course by late registration. Am I still able pass the course? Is it possible to obtain exercise assignments as a replacement for the lost opportunity to obtain points in the past exercise classes?

A: You still have a chance to successfully pass the course if you are able to catch up with the content of the lectures by yourself. However, it is not possible to obtain replacement points, as this course is taught several times during the academic year. Also, note that you can pass the course by taking the exam only!

Last modified: Thursday, 25 January 2018, 12:05 PM