Applying for thesis topic approval

Once you have agreed on the topic with the supervisor, you must apply for topic approval from the Degree Programme Committee. The Degree Programme Committee approves the topic, language, supervisor and advisor(s) for your thesis.

It is advisable to keep the topic compact and informative. The final title of the thesis can be changed later without a new approval as long as the topic remains the same.

Requirements for topic approval

You can apply for thesis topic approval if:

  • you are enrolled as an attending student
  • your B.Sc. degree has been registered
  • your personal study plan (HOPS) is completed / approved in Sisu.

You should have a study plan (HOPS) for the total scope of your degree (120 credits) when applying for topic approval. The Learning Services will check your HOPS when handling your application.

Applying for topic approval

To apply for topic approval, submit the form "Approval of the master's thesis topic, supervisor, advisor and language" in eAge.

You must include a written agreement from your supervisor to the application form. Examples of a written agreement include a form linked below, an email conversation, signed memo from the thesis meeting or other written agreement.

It is recommended to use the form 206 Request for approval of topic of master’s thesis (pdf) as the supervisor's agreement.

Topic is approved at the Degree Programme Committee meeting

After the deadline is met, your application is handled by the Learning Services. We check your application and present it to be approved for your programme's Degree Programme Committee (DPC). When the DPC has officially approved your topic, we will send you an email confirmation.

The deadlines for sending the topic approval form in 2022 are listed on the Deadlines page.

Topic is valid for one year after approval

Your thesis topic is valid for one year from the date of approval. If the thesis is not submitted for evaluation during that period, the topic expires and must be applied for again.

Even though the topic is valid for one year, note that the target time for completing the thesis is six months. Time used for completing the thesis affects the thesis evaluation. This time period is not calculated from the approval date of the topic but from the actual start date of the thesis as agreed and judged by the supervisor.

If you have problems completing your thesis within the target time, please contact your supervisor as soon as possible. The thesis supervisor can extend the target time if there is a good reason for it.

NB! The thesis topic and the completed thesis cannot be approved in the same Degree Programme Committee meeting. This is especially important to know if you are submitting your thesis for the last DPC meeting of the academic year and your study right is ending.

Thesis topic renewal

If your thesis topic is expired, you have to apply for topic renewal. This is done exactly the same way than your original thesis topic approval. Use the same form on eAge and attach an updated written agreement from your supervisor to the form.


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