Publicity of a master's thesis

According to Finnish legislation, a master's thesis is a public document and its contents cannot be confidential.

Students who are preparing their theses should keep in mind that the thesis is a public document. The thesis submitted for evaluation may not contain any secret information, as information about the thesis can be retrieved from the Aaltodoc portal. Archived copies of the theses itself may be viewed at the Learning Centre in either electronic or printed form. In addition, theses produced in a digital format will be electronically sent by the Learning Centre to anyone requesting a copy.

If a thesis is produced on commission for a business, any parts of the thesis containing commercial secrets must be left as part of the background material, and not be included in the actual thesis for evaluation.

Metadata and abstract

The so-called metadata (i.e. name of author, title of thesis, name of thesis supervisor and advisor, keywords) of each thesis is published in the Aaltodoc database. In addition, all approved theses are archived in the Aaltodoc publication archives.

With the student's permission, the thesis abstract and/or full text are published on the internet. Possible permission for electronic publishing is given on the same for the student applies for thesis approval.

It is possible to postpone the date of online publishing by a maximum of one year from the date of thesis approval, i.e. the date of the Degree Programme Committee meeting, due to reasons related to other publications, for example. However, the student should keep in mind that the thesis is always a public document from the date of the Degree Programme Committee meeting where it has been approved, and accessible soon after approval in the Learning Centre as mentioned above. Notably, a patent application claiming priority to any results reported in the thesis must be filed before the date of that Degree Programme Committee meeting.

Making changes to approved thesis and metadata

The PDF/A file of the thesis cannot be corrected or changed after the approved thesis has arrived in Aaltodoc.Consultation with the legal counsel of the Aalto University has contributed to this practice. However, the metadata of the thesis will be corrected according to the author’s wishes also after it has arrived in Aaltodoc.


Last modified: Tuesday, 8 March 2022, 2:46 PM