Graduation and thesis approval

More information about graduation is available on the Into page Graduation (the information is common for all SCI master's programmes).

The request for graduation is made on Sisu. The graduation requests are based on students’ personal study plans (HOPS). This means that your degree certificate will include the studies that are on your primary HOPS when you apply for graduation.

Thesis approved after graduation deadline

If you have completed all other required studies for your master’s degree and they are registered in Sisu except the thesis, you can request for graduation and submit your thesis for evaluation at the same time. The thesis and the degree will be registered to the shared deadline date for submitting them, although the thesis evaluation will be processed by the Degree Programme Committee after the deadline for submitting the thesis.

Example: The deadline for both thesis approval and graduation is 31.12.2022. If all your studies except the thesis are registered in Sisu, and you have left your thesis for approval before 31.12.2022, It is possible for you to graduate on 31.12.2022 as the thesis will be registered in Sisu to the completed at the deadline date even though it will be processed by the Degree Programme Committee in January 2023. This makes the thesis the last registered course in your degree. The deadline for submitting the degree certificate request will also be the date of graduation date printed on the degree certificate.


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